Otso Gold Corp is a TSX-V listed company based in Canada (TSXV:OTSO). Otso Gold Corp’s flagship project is the Otso Gold Mine, a 2 million tonne per annum gold processing facility and large opencut operation located in Finland. The Company is fully funded and focused on progressing the Otso Gold Mine to production in 2021.


Otso Gold Corp. is well-positioned to deliver significant long-term value for our shareholders by realising the intrinsic value of the Otso Gold Mine. The Company is fully funded and focused on progressing the Otso Gold Mine to production in 2021.


Further, the company owns other exploratory titles in Finland and 49% of a copper porphyry project in the ‘golden triangle’ of British Columbia.



Otso Gold Mine source over 80% of power from renewables with plans underway to achieve 100%. The mine operates with automatic environmental monitoring programs continually collecting data to inform improvements and ensure transparency. All environmental aspects of the mine are rigorously controlled to protect the surrounding pristine forests and waterways.


Management have built walking trails and allowed birdwatchers access to Otso Gold’s water dams to view the robust ecosystem. The mine often hosts wolves, hares, deers and bears onsite.


Finland has some of the world’s most progressive labour policies and social security measures, including having the most inclusive labour market and one of the lowest gender-pay gaps in the OECD.  


Our commitment to sustainability and low impact mining makes Otso Gold an ethical global metal supplier. We are continuing to optimise our operations and collaborate with the community and local authorities to ensure the mine produces benefits for all stakeholders.




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Head Office

161 Bay Street, 27th Floor, PO Box 508, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2S1, Canada

Tel: 1 416 572 2214

Mine Site

Laivakankaantie 503, 92230 Mattilanperä, Finland


As we complete the ramp up to production have many positions available across all areas of mining, processing and administration. Please contact us if you're interested in joining us at